May You Live In Interesting Times


The old Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” is said to be both a blessing and a curse. In a world where violence, conflict, separation, climate destruction, disease, poverty and disconnection seem to be more prevalent, it can sometimes feel overwhelmingly like a curse to live as a human being at the moment.

The rapid change, painful world events and the difficult conditions in our own lives can be challenging for our nervous systems to process. We can feel unsettled, disorientated, anxious and out of whack, and wonder whether everything is going to pot!

During these times, it can be very helpful to remember that the circumstances and events which feel gruelling and burdensome, are in fact the ignorance within which we have been living as a species coming to the surface to be transmuted. This is a natural process which we need not fear. Everything is on its way towards waking up to the true nature of loving wisdom, even if it appears to be taking a long-winded route.

When it is remembered that all painful states and situations are in the process of awakening, we can choose to live as a blessing. Living as a blessing means making a commitment to healing and awakening. It means becoming a place of sanctity rather than perpetuating the fear, anger, conflict, division, greed, hatred and delusion. It means remembering the truth of the wholeness of our being and living from a balanced view, rather than getting caught in the drama of our own and others’ lives. It means waking up to what is real!


So how can we become a place of sanctity?


The good news is, sanctity is in fact what we already are – we just need to remember and live from that place!


Here are 5 things that help me when my own life or world events feel overwhelming:


1. Remember the essential goodness of yourself and others

Sometimes we forget that what we essentially are is love. Love is what we are before any identity and true love is so simple and harmonious! When we witness fear, conflict or any other affliction in the world or within ourselves, it can be difficult to remember that this is just densely packed love trying to find its way home (perhaps in a very deluded and catastrophically painful way!). What we all are is goodness, and what we all truly want to be and offer is the truth of our wise and loving nature. Remembering this can help us have compassion for ourselves and others when we get overwhelmed and forget our true nature.

2. This too shall pass

Every experience and situation (both unpleasant and pleasant!) is passing through and will change. Although it can be very difficult to hear this when we are in the thralls of pain and suffering, it is helpful to remember that all experience is temporary and on its way Home.

3. Nature Heals

Spending time in nature is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. The healing frequencies, sounds, smells, patterns and colours calm our nervous system and nourish our whole being. When feeling overwhelmed, if you can, spend more time in nature rather than a lot of news watching or social media scrolling. If it is difficult to do this, looking at beautiful photographs or films of natural environments can also be nurturing. And if you find yourself doing too much news watching or scrolling, don’t worry, that too will pass!

4. Connect to your resources

Do the things and be with the people/places/animals that you love. My current resources include meditating, doing yoga, playing flute in the forest, listening to “Come Healing” by Leonard Cohen and “You can relax now” by Shaina Noll, praying, alchemising pain into poetry, going on pilgrimage to sacred sites, hanging out with trees, connecting deeply and joyfully with friends and family, spending time with mentors, colleagues and spiritual teachings and doing Gene Keys contemplations. Write a list of what nourishes you and do more of it!

5. Our true nature can never be harmed

Remembering the true nature of what we really are, even if we only know this conceptually, can give great solace in times of intense transformation. Our true nature is free, infinite, edgeless, unbounded and not confined to a body, any identity or this world. It is never born and never dies. We are pure, eternal love, and that is the truth of our being within the appearances of changing forms. As we focus on our true nature, it grows, and the confusion and overwhelm diminishes in whatever circumstances we find ourselves – even in confusion and overwhelm!


May you live the blessing that you are!

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy can be a wonderful resource to reconnect to our deeper nature and calm our nervous system when feeling overwhelmed or going through a difficult transition. Book here to give Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy a try!