The Sacred Descent


Drop down through the dry cracks of daylight,
Burrow deep into the moist crevices of winter’s icey stillness,
Where time is slow and the air thin.

They told you it was dangerous here,
You heard tales of persecution and death,
“Stay in the light of summer” they pleaded, “it’s safe here!”

But you could not listen,

For you did not come for only half of this.

The pea under all those mattresses of perception propelled you on,
deep, deep down,
through the portal,
Into the womb.

Now you are here,
The distractions lost their shine
And you could no longer ignore the ache.
You came to plumb the depths
And bring everything back into your heart.

It is different here.
The way is lit by the sincerity of your love of truth,
And the gentleness of the truth of love will guide you.
The fire is fuelled by the 10,000 things,
and your intense yearning,
The silent wind of your courage and devotion fans its flames.

Rest here, at the hearth,
Let the warmth of your love melt the frozen sinews of misunderstanding and pain.
Be still, my dear
Stay close, closer than close,
Let our bodies dissolve into one.

Give space to the harsh rocky sediments of judgement and control,
Offer them a cosy bed on which to rest,
And endless cups of manna to fill their parched veins and quench the thirst,
For they only want peace too.

Gather in the frightened ones
Lend them the strength of your voice and arms,
Whisper all the love songs you know into their ears
And breathe fresh hope into their deflated lungs,
Until they too can stand alone.

Stay here, my love, don’t turn away.
You can bear this pain, and it will transform you,
Your love is the balm you have been seeking,
Your tears are the tonic to wash away the muddy foot prints of karma.

My sword is sharp but its cut like silk;
It draws no blood and leaves no trace of shame, blame or guilt.

Softly, gently, slowly
Sweet shadow,
Weary wound of existence,
I welcome you Home
Again, and Again