About Me

Alice Thwaites Lear (pronouns: she/her)

I offer my work in the Wiltshire/Somerset area of England, where I live, close to the chalk downlands of Salisbury Plain and the sacred sites of Avebury and Stonehenge.

My passion is studying, practicing, supporting and facilitating healing and awakening, in myself and others. In my experience, healing and embodied awakening is the key to our flourishing both individually and in relationship, and the solution to our global difficulties. My own healing and awakening journey began more consciously after university in my mid-twenties, when I discovered non-duality and Tibetan Buddhism. On my first meditation and yoga retreat, at Dhanakosa Buddhist retreat centre on Loch Voil, the chronic back pain condition I had endured during my teens and early twenties, began to heal. During a discourse at this retreat, the word ‘enlightenment’ landed in my heart and I knew my life would be dedicated to this. The combination of meditation and yoga began to gently support the untying of the knots of conditioning.

Meditation continues to be an essential part of my path and I love to spend time going deeply into the practice in retreat. In my late twenties, I particpated in a transformative year-long residential retreat at the Hermitage of the Awakened Heart, a Kagyu/Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist centre near Snowdonia, studying and practicing the teachings under the guidance of Lama Shenpen Hookham. Yoga is also a great resource for me, as well as shamanic work, psychotherapeutic and somatic body work. The support of wonderful mentors, therapists and spiritual teachers, friends and family is invaluable. Adyashanti has been my primary spiritual teacher since 2007 and I am a student of the Gene Keys as well as Vipassana meditation.

The work I offer is a combination of the modalities I have trained in and practiced over 20 years, guided by the intuition nurtured sharing and working with many people. Each modality includes the wisdom of the others and all are in a continuous process of deepening and unfolding. My intention is to support the most gently potent healing and awakening for each person I work with. Whilst I know the healing and awakening process is not always easy, I believe that it shouldn’t be re-traumatising, and doesn’t need to be as challenging as it has been for so many in the past, since we are all more conscious now.

In a space of presence and safety, I support you to naturally create an inner and outer environment which nurtures your healing and awakening, allowing for the knots and complexes to be held, honoured, and welcomed home. Your inherent health and awakeness comes to the foreground to give you the resources to love all of yourself home, in the dance of being divinely human. No matter what you are experiencing physically, emotionally or spiritually, I know that healing and awakening is our trajectory and I am here to support you on your journey home.



Alice Lear

I love the wisdom and beauty of trees and the Yew is one of my teachers. You might spot a Yew aril (berry) in the photo above. I love to spend time in solitude, in nature on land and in water, with family, friends and community, in celebration and sacred ceremony.

Supporting Your Journey Home to Wholeness.