Deep Feminine Awakening

Listening is a wisdom so easily overlooked, because it is feminine, receptive, hidden and our culture only values what is visible. 

– Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Circle of Love

The Deep Feminine within each of us, no matter our gender, is re-awakening. This is an exciting time of new possibility on earth as the qualities of the deep feminine re-surface and are remembered. It can also feel daunting as we go through such rapid change in how we are living and experiencing ourselves, each other and the world.

For a very long time, especially in the west and global north, the left-brain, linear, power-over, top-down, economic growth orientated values and cultures have been dominant energies in the world. Much of what we watch on TV, in videos and films, read about in books, newspapers and online, hear about in conversations and experience within the institutions and systems we were born and educated into, is a product of our patriarchal conditioning.

Many wonderful technologies and systems have been birthed out of our patriarchal cultures. However, the shadow side of the unbalanced pursuit of linear growth has been the suppression of our other half – our cyclical embodied nature. We became disconnected from mother nature – the earth and universe that is our home and feeds us, disconnected from each other – our kin, and disconnected from the Source of our being. We became disconnected from our Self! This disconnection naturally created a culture of actions motivated by fear for survival, which in turn brought imbalance, disharmony, pain and turmoil. We have reached a point whereby we no longer have to live in a dualistic, fear based, reward and punishment, loss and gain, self and other, survival of the fittest culture.

The patriarchal way of living is, of course, only half the story! And the other half of the story makes for a happy, whole and healthy earth that thrives for the benefit of all.

Our complex brains have enabled us to communicate using intricate speech sounds and have enabled us to do many wonderous and beautiful things. But they have also allowed us to do many destructive acts. Our dualistic brains have given us the capacity to separate, to live in a small section of ourselves, suppress feeling and cut off one part from another.

During the patriarchal era, the more feminine qualities of the brain, heart and gut such as feeling and intuition, have been de-valued and relegated as inferior. This has enabled us as a species to do horrendous things to each other, to animals and to the earth. The thinking mind has been lauded as superior. It is of course a wonderful tool, but without its compatriots, the heart and the gut, we are only operating with a fraction of our intelligence. As the Deep Feminine awakens, we are being re-united with the intelligence of our heart and gut (womb or hara).

As the left and right hemispheres of our brain unify across the corpus callosum, the wisdom of our gut rises up and the intelligence of our brain descends into our heart. The descent and ascent into and out of the heart brings much healing and the ability to steward the earth in a joyful, sustainable way that is abundant for all. From this space we naturally function in a wiser, more loving, clear, open and sensitive way. More ease and harmony permeates as we welcome all parts of ourselves home. A win-win for all!

Also known as the Yin principle, the Deep, or Divine, Feminine has essential qualities which we have been missing in our top down dominant society. The rise of the Deep Feminine is what will heal the earth, re-balance and awaken humanity. She is the all-inclusive, all-loving, all-forgiving power of Grace. She is the all-embracing, all-nourishing, soft and yielding Mother. She is the descendant to the ascendant. She is the slow to the fast. She is the cyclical to the linear.

In Buddhism and Christianity, the Deep Feminine is known as Tara, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and The Magdalene, amongst other names. Brigid and The Cailleach are some of the Celtic names of this Yin aspect. Each spiritual tradition throughout time has a Divine Feminine Principle equal to the Divine Masculine Principle, whether known or hidden from view.

Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form.

– The Heart Sutra

As the dominance of the patriarchal era comes to an end, we are not moving back into another matriarchal era but transitioning into an exciting new time on earth, in which the Deep Feminine and High Masculine, or Yin and Yang, are reunited and integrated within each one of us. We can be grateful for the great contribution the patriarchal era has made. And as the Deep Feminine returns, we can heal from our imbalances by re-connecting to our wholeness, and becoming embodied as that. We can relax into the Dynamic Stillness where heaven meets earth to truly live in joyful co-creation for the benefit of all.

Between earth and sky is the great middle way.

– Words from a Tibetan Buddhist Fire Puja

My work supports the re-awakening of the Deep Feminine and the harmonisation of the Yin and Yang Principles. I am particularly drawn to work with those who came into the world already embodying the gifts of the Yin, whatever gender you identify as. If you don’t know what your gifts are, if you feel overwhelmed by the noise and speed of the dominant culture or have always felt a bit, or a lot, out of place here, then it is very likely you came into the world already embodying precious gifts of the Deep Feminine!

Because the Yin qualities have been de-valued, it can take time and support to let go of unhelpful, debilitating conditioning and trust again in our inner voice. The empowerment of the qualities of the Deep Feminine Principle are a vital part of the solution to our global crises and I am very happy to support you in recognising and valuing your Divine Feminine gifts.

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